GrayLit: A Culture Hub is a rich source of information and ideas outside the realm of mainstream media and dominant political discourse-- like the nonconventional, often subversive material the term “gray literature” describes.

GrayLit aims to contribute to an emergent culture shift happening at the intersections of Palestinian and Jewish histories, via critical thought and art from and about interdependent movements for justice.

GrayLit affirms the power of art: to instigate and sustain long-term culture shift; to assert that artists have a responsibility to intervene in the mechanisms of censorship imposed by mainstream media and by political bodies; to deepen readers’ critical thinking and inspire creative, impactful action.

GrayLit seeks to cultivate a space for artists to imagine and work towards a different world-- one built on demilitarization, racial justice, gender justice, indigenous sovereignty, decolonization, and collective liberation.

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